Ep. 39: Steve Jessup the DUI Lawnmower Guy, Residual Checks, Shag Memes & Goodwill Hunting

In this episode Jon and Stamos talk about the new nickname for the fans of the podcast. Should it be The Hickies or The Bumpkins? Then they play another round of “HOW MUCH IS THAT SCREEN ACTORS GUILD RESIDUAL CHECK?” After that, it’s time for “Meme Me (or Caption This)” where Jon shows us a picture of him, his Dad and his brother after shooting the movie “Shag” in Myrtle Beach in 1988. Who had the funniest comment or meme? Next up, it’s “Who’s Zoomin Who” as Steve Jessup (aka the “DUI Lawnmower Guy”) joins the show to talk about how to blow up shit. And finally, Jon and Marc exchange $5 gifts from Goodwill in “Goodwill Hunting.” Who gave the better gift? Make sure you “know your rights” before watching this one!